How will you spend your Christmas Bonus?


“Kaya’t ibigay mo na, ang aming Christmas Bonus, pati ang 13th month pay para lahat okay na okay.”… Just heard this catchy song sang by Aegis over the radio. And so I wondered, where do the usual Filipino spend their Christmas bonus on?

Curious about mine? Here’s a breakdown:

30% – Savings Fund

15% – Investment Fund

25% – Christmas Gift Fund

30% – Leisure/ Personal Fund


As you can see, almost half of my Christmas bonus was put into good use: savings and investment. How to decide on where to spend these extra fund is entirely up to you. Whatever percentage you allot for each, I hope that you will not forget to include in your budget the “savings” and “investment” fund. These funds are very important. If you can put 100% of your bonus into this fund, the better.

How about you? How will you spend your bonus? If your answer is beer, party, new phone, shoes, bag and etc. Better think again!